Australian courses for both DIYers & professionals builders

Perfect for DIYers

Fred Schultz has developed a weekend of workshops that he first delivered in 2016 (since delivered more than 25 times to audiences all over Australia).

All of that great information is now available to you online in this package of four courses: All Things Trailers; Taking It Off Grid; Where To Put a Tiny House and How To Build A Tiny House.

About the Tiny House Building Course

Specifically designed for DIY builders with no building experience and eminently useful to professional builders moving into the field of building tiny houses on wheels.

Learn everything you need to know about building your tiny house on wheels in these 37 Units of video content and helpful quizzes. 

This self-directed course covers crucial topics like understanding how to secure your tiny house onto your trailer and how to insulate for year-round comfort, this is a powerhouse of eye-opening, informative ‘ah-haa’ moments. 

Save yourself years of research and expensive mistakes with this tried-and-true information.

With no start time or meetings, just great video, text and downloadable resources, you can pick and choose what you learn, when. Only got 10 mins tonight? No problem, spend it preparing for your tiny house build.

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How To Build A Tiny House

The Australian Online Course

What our courses offer

  • Learn in your own time

    Our 37 Units of high quality video content developed and delivered by Fred Schultz can be completed in your own time. Go over technical information as many times as you need to and pause to consider what you've learned.

  • Build your dream tiny house

    Learn how to build a Tiny House with our series of online courses made for the DIYer in everyone. In this online course you will learn essential building information specific to tiny house vehicle construction and Fred’s Unified Construction Method™.

  • Hot Australian Climate

    Get information that will support your year-round comfort in Australia, where we have hot summers and cold winters - different to the Northern Hemisphere.

  • Community

    Ask questions and get answers. As part of a membership you will also join our Tiny House community where we share tips, tricks, inspiration as well as sharing any issues that creep up with each other.

  • Money back guarantee

    We stand by all our workshops and are confident that you will leave satisfied. That’s a 100% money back guarantee.

  • Learn about Tiny House Trailers

    Learn everything you need to know about how to make a Tiny House into a strong vehicle: make it vibration resilient; lightweight; roadworthy; comfortable to live in year round and off-grid

  • Learn about Council Regulations in Your Local Area

    The most often asked question by prospective tiny house builders/owners, is “Where can I put a tiny house?” And because the answers are a bit complicated, we take a detailed look at various local laws that can affect tiny house living.

Meet your Instructor

Fred Schultz

Tiny House Leader

Fred Schultz

Fred Schultz has designed, built and lived in an off-grid, fossil-fuel-free tiny house with his wife Shannon and their daughter. Inspired to share it all, Fred founded Fred’s Tiny Houses where he teachers DIYers how to build safe, well designed tiny houses on wheels; manufactures tiny house trailers; builds tiny houses for other people and advocates for the legalisation of tiny house living across all levels of government in Australia. He is an innovator, thought leader and expert on all tiny house issues in Australia.
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Introducing Fred & His Tiny House

Would you like to learn more?

Our online course will give you the skills to buld your own Tiny House

Our courses are the culmination in 10 years experience of designing, building and running workshops through the country on building Tiny Houses.
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Here from our happy attendees


Patrick Walker - Builder

Fred was spot-on in every aspect of the course and extra advice thereafter. I put him up there with the great tradesmen I worked with over the years and the advice he and they offered. No regrets at all with the tiny house and it’s complete.

Important stuff you don't see online!

Catie Payne

Fred is an incredible teacher, presenter and all-round genius. His extreme attention to detail and scientific mind makes him the kind of Tiny House expert you trust. Fred gave us a crash course in not only Tiny House construction, but the important stuff you don’t see online - where to put your tiny house, how to tow it safely, different types of materials, and common planning pitfalls. It illuminated just how flimsy most of the available info is, and that we need to keep the Australian climate and construction regulations in mind.

Empowered and Motivated!

Elvira Charee Elix

I attended Fred's workshop on Tiny Houses [...] and was blown away by his kindness, attention to detail and fantastic way of explaining so that everyone could understand. I felt very lucky to be part of the workshop and will recommend it highly to others. I now feel empowered and motivated to begin my own DIY project. Thank you so much!

A Revelation!

Louise Southerdon, Travel Writer and 4 time Winner of the Travel Writer of the Year Award

I did a weekend workshop run by Fred Schultz of Fred’s Tiny Houses. It was a revelation. Fred is a talented teacher, a generous soul and a passionate tiny house advocate. A true believer in the liberating power of tiny house living, he's keen to share all he's learned (the hard way) through years of building and living in his own tiny house. If you've ever daydreamed about tiny house living, about liberating yourself from the burden of stuff and mortgage payments and paying rent and having more time to do the things you love, do yourself a favour and sign up for one of Fred's weekend workshops. (This is not a sponsored post, incidentally; I paid my own way.)

Do this first!

Mick Beckers

If you're thinking about a THOW build, head to Fred's workshops first.

Easy to follow, clear and well paced!

Aami Bird

Dear Fred n Family n Friends team Thank you so much for putting together such an informative and educational course. Fred, I think you are probably a very kind person. Your gentle approach made me feel really welcome and supported. Your lecture was easy to follow, clear and the well paced explanations helped me through to the end I never thought that I could complete. I do have now some good understanding of the tiny home vehicle and I am feeling pretty good. Yay! Maybe I can too make my little future dream sanctuary come true!? Oh.. Congratulations on your International Sustainability award Flourish prize! You surely deserve it. Well Done! Thanks again. Aami X

Proud to host a "Tiny Houses" talk at Bargoonga Nganjin

Yarra Library

We were proud to host a "Tiny Houses" talk at Bargoonga Nganjin, North Fitzroy Library recently - the event booked out and our community loved it. We'd happily host them again for a repeat event.

Very knowledgeable

Kerryn Flatt

Beautiful tiny house, a great way to try out this way of living & to learn from the very knowledgeable Fred & Shannon

Highly Recommended

Ruby Brown

Fred's workshops totally exceeded my expectations. Super informative, friendly and entertaining. Highly recommended.

Paul Freeman

Another happy workshop customer here. Fred's wealth of knowledge, is a really nice change to most people just having "information" that they've read or seen. There are so many little things that people get to learn and discuss in these workshops, some may seem small, but the cumulative result can mean all the difference between being happy with your Tiny House, or needing to go back and rebuild lots of annoying things. If anyone's considering the course, please do all 4, as they make up a set that's greater than the sum of each. No matter how much or little you may know, you'll still gain something from these courses. It's also refreshing to see Fred is totally open to being informed of other ways and the latest information